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Things To Do

There are numerous adventures to be had on the west coast of Puerto Rico, known as the "Porta de Sol".

Rio Camuy Cave Park (35 miles) is the third-largest cave system in the world. Sixteen entrances have been discovered and 11 kilometers (7 miles) of passages have been mapped to date. The park is equipped with picnic areas, walking trails, food facilities, an exhibition hall and a souvenir shop, an excellent day trip.

Arecibo Observatory (35 miles) For almost 40 years radio astronomers at the Arecibo Observatory have used this, the world's largest radio telescope, to fathom the sounds of the universe.The site is so impressive that movie stars and Hollywood producers have used the observatory in various films, most recently in Contact, the film adaptation of the Carl Sagan bestseller that starred Jodie Foster. It was also the setting of the finale of Pierce Brosnan's first James Bond flick Golden Eye.

Phosphorescent Bay - La Parguera (30 miles) - An excellent night excursion, especially on nights wth no moon. Boats take visitors from the town of “La Parguera” to the Bio Luminescent bay to the east. One of the few bio luminescent bays in the world due to it’s rare and delicate ecological make up.

Rincón Lighthouse Park - Located a few minutes north of town, this Park provides breathtaking vistas of the coast of western Puerto Rico, Desecheo Island, 16 miles offshore, whale watching and of course stunning sunsets. Park features a snack bar and gift shop.

For more activities, restaurants, etc. visit the Rincón Tourism Association